Instructions for use Wow Bust

Wow Bust - features and general information

Form of issue: cream in tube

Indications: breast enlargement

Volume: 50 ml

Wow Bust - professional cream for breast enlargement. Plus one size for 30 days of daily use. Moreover, the improvement action, does not cause side effects, skin allergies.

Research and clinical tests on volunteers confirmed the efficacy of the cream, its exclusively positive events and the absence of a negative. For production is used safe for the female body the raw materials of high quality. The basic ingredients - the natural ingredients of vegetable origin.

Active ingredients: oil of wheat germ, avocado oil, shea butter (Shea).

In addition to breast enlargement, the cream restores and regulates the shape of the breast, it returns the skin elasticity, removes the symptoms of age-related changes and prevents their appearance.

Wow Bust universal. It is suitable for girls and women of all ages, from 21 years of age and older. The application as effectively without regard to age, race, and genetic predisposition.

Cream for breast augmentation - indications

Small breasts or just feel that the size is larger, but the services of plastic surgeons - it's expensive, operative intervention - is not safe... Cream Wow Bust - perfect for all the girls and women who want to enlarge the breasts and make it more attractive. In addition, over 30 days of daily use of the chest is increased by one full size, cream has the following effects:

  • lifts breasts
  • returns skin elasticity
  • eliminates stretch marks.

Wow Bust - a bargain of the acquisition, in order to safely increase breast, to capture the feminine appeal after the age-related changes or after the birth of a child.

Please note! in Hungary buy cream Wow Bust it is possible only through our official website manufacturer. Beware of ineffective imitations.

Instructions how to use cream for effective result

how to use cream Wow Bust for effective breast augmentation

A small amount of cream to strike first on one and then the other breast. Apply should only be on the pre-cleansed. To achieve maximum fast result, follow the simple techniques of massage.

With the help of a cream Wow Bust do you massage each breast on the front. The movement of the drive gently, in a clockwise direction. Start with the perimeter of the nipple, smoothly increasing the diameter of the massage circle. Once the hands make massage, different - be breasts as the dish.

For the enlargement of breast volume by one size, use the cream and do the massage twice a day for 30 days. To achieve a better result - extend a similar course within two-three months. It is allowed to use the cream for the prevention of age-related weakness of the breast, and maintain forms - one per day in the evening.

Contraindications are absent. The exception is not identified in the framework of the research and testing of the individual intolerance of the individual components in the assembly. Also there is no need to use the cream during pregnancy and lactation, in the presence of any disease of the mammary gland.