Experience with the use of Wow Bust

Hi all! My name is Anna, she was born and I live in the beautiful city of Koszalin. Today decided to share my review, as I could easily, simply and without the plastic for breast enlargement on one full size. Very quickly, in just one month! Discuss about the vehicle that has helped me in the way they liked, where bought. Show personal photos before and after. Ok, so I'll start...

This tool is called Wow Bust! It is produced in the form of a cream. In one tube of 50 ml - enough for about two weeks. The cream is white in color, pleasant smell, does not leave fatty traces, is applied very comfortably.

Cream for breast enlargement Wow Bust - my experience

cream for breast augmentation Wow Bust - before and after use

Already in my youth, I wanted to have a breast at least one size larger than I have. Even a little bit jealous of girls who have beautiful big breasts given by nature. Looked, met on the internet, how much is the services of plastic surgeons, trying to find some other methods of breast enlargement. Plastic has proven to be for me the expensive options, plus - I did not dare to operational intervention. By more, read a lot of bad reviews from other girls who have grown breasts in this way. Other means, which would have been a good reaction, so I didn't find. But half a year ago on one of the female forums happen to read about the vehicle Wow Bust. In addition, look what they write the girls about this cream on other websites. Decided to try too... (On the photo before and after a month of daily use of the cream.)

Ordered the cream on the official website of the manufacturer. The day came on the third day. Received my order at the post office near the house. Prepaid done, I paid actually more. On the same day the beginning of the application.

How to use the cream, the result of the use of

In the package with the cream was instructions how to use. Although still in the order confirmation, the manager recommended how to properly use the cream to use it maximally effective and quick result.

In fact, nothing complicated. For example, I think from the first size to enlarge breasts up to a full second, she used the cream Wow Bust every morning and evening. In the course of the month. Applied massage movements in a clockwise direction, as recommended to me on the phone of the administrator of the site.

personal experience using the cream for enlarge breasts Bust Wow

The first results I noticed after a week. Breasts significantly become more flexible. At the end of the month course of the breast to become more rounded and more, looks more than tempting and attractive to the laundry. Mainly confirming the effectiveness of the cream was that the guy noticed that my breasts became bigger and nicer). I immediately thought that I did just plastics. But that was just the cream.

I recommend to all girls who want to enlarge breasts cream Wow Bust. Don't plastics, it's not safe and the outcome is often unsuccessful. My experience I learned that to get a decent bust enough of the cream, a little bit of effort and time.

By the way, I forgot to point out one of the very important benefits of this cream. The natural composition. No chemicals, silicones and parabens!

I hope my opinion will help many girls dream come true and become the owner of the beautiful breasts without plastic surgery. I wish all the health and beauty!

On the first two photo - my boobs before and after month of use Wow Bust. The third photo did just that (just three months after termination of application of the cream). The effect, as you can see remains. Obtained using the cream on my new bust is just not lost:).